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From the very first moment of its establishment, GRUPO ACOASA has always been characterized by specialized works in sewage network and the utmost aim to provide a PROFESSIONAL service. In addition to its own registered trademark, GRUPO ACOASA is a company that offers a wide variety of products that include the preparation of preliminary studies for CCTV camera works and sewage system cleaning, project management, basic and detailed engineering, purchase management, construction supervision and completion of final work, as well as a post-sales service with a maintenance agreement, customized to satisfy the client’s needs. We also have a highly skilled and qualified technical department capable of solving all the problems that may arise in the the sewage network. We are proud to offer a high quality product, a 10 year commitment in rehabilitation works and a 24 hour emergency service by just dialing 902 106 198. We mainly offer our services to construction companies, condominium communities, property administrators, private home owners, as well as to other professionals of the field that may require our expertise. The main goal of GRUPO ACOASA is to offer its clients a personal and specialized attention, providing the best solution at all times and helping to avoid scams committed by unskilled companies that cannot perform this type of projects and repairs due to the lack of the appropriate teams and equipment. A sewage network, either in the case of a new building, in poor state or incorrectly repaired, can cause serious damages to the building’s foundation and it could even a possible collapse.

ACOASA FACILITY SERVICES SL (B85998359) is registered in (REA) of the Comunidad de Madrid. (CERTIFICATE)(TELEMATIC VIEW)





We quote hereunder some of the key features:

  • 10 year guarantee per project.
  • Non-interest financing for a maximum of 10 months.
  • Civil responsibility insurance for up to €300,000.
  • Labor risk prevention personnel.
  • Health surveillance program.
  • Sewage network specialized team.
  • Registered chief well-digger.
  • Parte de la flota del GRUPO ACOASA


    ACOASA offers a wide range of advantages, a number of which are listed hereunder for your ready reference:


    ACOASA is a consolidated company in the construction field that is specialized in public and private sewage networks. At present, we provide maintenance services to public administrations, private companies, condominium communities and private home owners.


    We are proud to have a highly skilled staff with the expertise required in this specific area of the construction business. Our experience of over 10 years make us the ideal partner for those customers willing to carry out a project with the absolute guarantee offered by expert teams, in addition to our top-notch products.


    We have specific machinery for each and every project, enabling our staff to solve all issues in the briefest delay possible and in the smallest number of interventions as those deemed necessary.


    The management is totally independent, dynamic and innovative, allowing us to comply with all our customers’ requirements.

    David González, has been working in this field for over 15 years. He not only has a broad professional experience but also the specific know-how. He has managed over 400 projects. In his position as maximum responsible for GRUPO ACOASA, his major premise has always been to offer its clientele the utmost quality and outstanding professionalism.

    David GonzálezGeneral Manager

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