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In ACOASA we focus on our clients’ satisfaction, we strive to offer a completely individualizad attention by adjusting our services to comply with their specific requirements. We have a highly skilled team in this field and it is evidenced in the personalized attention accorded to each and everyone of our clients.
In addition, our Company has subscribed a health prevention program, we offer a 10-year guarantee in our works as well as a €300,000 civil liability insurance policy.

ACOASA offers interest free financing services for a maximum of 10 months in our aim to fulfill our clients’ satisfaction. Therefore, our commitment also covers the financial field in order to offer the best solution to enable the accomplishment of the tasks.

ACOASA has an experience of over 10 years in this field. The quality of our projects is our distinguishing feature. We have a highly qualified technical department and state-of-the-art machinery. Our work is backed up by our many years of experience and we always seek the highest quality to offer our clients the maximum satisfaction.

ACOASA offers a complete 24/7 customer service throughout the year. We carry out pipe unblocking services in Madrid, sewage network inspections by means of a robotic camera, reports for technical inspection of buildings, gutter cleaning services, well-digging works and a wide range of other services.

Personalized Attention

Interest free financing

High Quality & Service

24H 365 days Customer Service


We offer a wide variety of activities related to the sewage sector. We quote a sample of them hereunder for your ready reference:

1. Sewage inspection with a robotic television camera (CCTV)

We offer state-of-the-art technology for the inspection of sanitation networks by using mobile units for robotized inspection monitored by a closed circuit TV system. These cutting-edge tools allow us to:
  • Detect and inspect: We are in a position to detect leaks and breaks in the collectors and manholes that compose the sanitation network. The inspections include the collector’s diameters in range between 100 and 1,500 millimeters.
  • Determine: We can determine the exact point of the breakdown by means of built-in meters located in our modern cameras with an accuracy of one centimeter.
  • Execute:We can execute a project with a thorough knowledge of the various works to be carried out and, therefore, with a significant cost and time savings for the client, considering that we will never add unnecessary tasks.
The established procedure will be as follows: Upon de completion of the inspection, we will deliver a DVD with the recording, in addition to a report containing information relating to the condition of the sanitation network. A detailed budget will also be included, should repairs be deemed necessary.

Inspección robotizada



2. Pipe unblocking and cleaning services with impeller vehicles:

  • Desatascos y urgencias 24H:We provide a 24 H. pipe unblocking and emergency service by skilled staff throughout the 365 days of the year.
  1. Our vehicles adapted for each specific need, including garages and difficult access sites.
  2. We own state-of-the-art equipment such as electronic manhole detectors, a roots cutter nozzle, shingles, etc.
  • Cleaning and maintenance agreements: We carry out cleaning and maintenance of sewage networks for:
  1. City Halls
  2. Industrial parks
  3. Private residencial areas
  4. Condominium communities
  5. Private homes
We place all types of maintenance agreements at our customers’ disposal, tailored to their specific needs, with a wide variety of vehicles and a skilled staff. The contracted cleaning services are guaranteed for one year, covering any eventual blockages that could arise during said period.


3. Restoration projects

We execute all types of rehabilitation projects, no matter what size they may be, nor if it is a new construction or a restoration of existing sewage networks. Some examples are quoted hereunder:
  • Visitable Galleries: Rehabilitation, reconstruction and lifting of galleries, manually as well as prefabricated.
  • Manholes: Rehabilitation, reconstruction and lifting of all types of manholes, both for clean and fecal waters.
  • Collection boxes: Rehabilitation, reconstruction and lifting of all types of collection boxes.
  • Collectors: Rehabilitation and installation of collectors in different sections, available depending on the specific requirements and characteristics of the section (sandstone, PVC or fiber-cement).

Gallery Rehabilitation

Manhole Rehabilitation

Collection Boxes Rehabilitation

New manofacture collectors


4. Rehabilitation system without ditches

A conventional well-drilling work can cause many inconveniences, both functional like, for instance, in garages, or economical as in the case of a house entrance with the imperative need to remove the existing tile floor that is required in this type of repairs. In order to avoid these situations, our company uses two types of rehabilitation systems: partial or total hose.
  • Partial Hose: Our rehabilitation system allows us to make the repair without removing the existing flooring. This system consists in the introduction of a packer with its corresponding coupler and placing it in the exact spot where the break has occurred. Said break had been previously detected by our video inspection system. This solution eliminates the need to open ditches. Thus it represents a substantial economic saving, the work can be completed in less time and without the bothers of a conventional repair.
  • Total Hose: The rehabilitation by means of a total hose is also known as CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe). A flexible hose impregnated with polyester resin, vinilexter or expoxi that is polymerized inside the existing pipe-line is introduced in the pipe to be restored. The new pipe-line functionally replaces the broken one and it avoids the need to open ditches to replace the former one. The design of the pipe-line complies with the standards established for the calculation of methods in large scale construction projects.



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